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'Marvin the Martian' & 'Hong Kong Phooey': First look

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A moment of silence, please, for Alex Zamm’s Marvin the Martian and Hong Kong Phooey movies. The Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 director was attached to helm CGI-live action hybrid adaptations of both properties; Mike Myers was rumored to star in the former, while Eddie Murphy was attached to star in the latter.

Now, though, it’s looking increasingly like neither one will ever be completed. Marvin was originally supposed to hit theaters in December of 2011. Hong Kong, meanwhile, hasn’t seemed to make much progress since Murphy’s deal was announced 16 months ago.

And now that Zamm has posted test footage from both movies online, their never-to-be-finished status seems sealed. In Hong Kong Phooey‘s case, that might be a good thing — the clip Zamm uploaded features tired toilet humor that even Murphy (or a talented Murphy impersonator, as the case may be in this video) couldn’t sell. Marvin the Martian, though, seems a little more promising; its clip is a self-contained short that opens up plenty of possibilities for a full-length feature. Take a look at both and judge for yourself:

Would you see either of these flicks if they ever did make it to theaters?

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