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Google doodle celebrates 'Grimm's Fairy Tales'

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In 1812, the first edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales — a folklore collection meticulously assembled by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm — was published in Germany. Two centuries later, the Grimm brothers’ work has had an indelible effect on pop culture, inspiring everything from countless animated films to countless rags-to-riches romances. (“Cinderella” is the original romantic comedy, plus or minus a few foot mutilations and eyes being pecked out by pigeons.)

To celebrate this anniversary, Google has gone all out — once again — with an interactive doodle that tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood solely through emoji-esque pictures. Click through to see the moppet trundle into the woods, meet a very geometric Big Bad Wolf, get gobbled up along with a little green Yoda-like Granny, and eventually be freed by a kindly ginger woodcutter.

The drawings don’t totally follow the original Grimm story — nobody’s stomach is sliced open, and (spoiler alert!) the wolf doesn’t end up drowning in old sausage water — but they’re charming all the same.

Related news: Just 17 days until Once Upon a Time returns on ABC, and two and a half months until Grimm‘s back on NBC! In the meantime, have you considered Fables?

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