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Hugh Jackman teaches Jay Leno 'Gangnam Style'

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The “Gangnam Style” craze: It’s not quite over yet!

Hugh Jackman’s Les Mis press tour took a slight detour last night when Jay Leno brought up the star’s recent trip to Korea — and asked if he had seen America’s favorite least favorite probational favorite Korean rapper PSY when he was in Seoul. In response, Jackman noted that he and PSY go way back — all the way back to October, when PSY donned a pair of Wolverine claws and taught the Aussie how to do the “Gangnam Style” dance. Naturally, this led to Jackman asking Leno if he’d like to learn the dance as well. And because talk show hosts are legally obligated to embarrass themselves on air, Leno said “sure.”

Spoiler alert: Leno can’t move nearly as well as Jackman. But whether you love the Tonight Show host or are Jimmy Kimmel, you’ll probably enjoy watching him try to saddle up.

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