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Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim' trailer commentary: 5 cool things

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Prometheus may have momentarily squashed Guillermo del Toro’s H.P. Lovecraft ambitions, but the director’s not ready to give up on Cthulhu just yet.

The man behind Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy (and the woefully underrated Blade II) is about to release what could be one of the most Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots vs. Aliens flick ever made. Pacific Rim, which hits theaters in July 2013, is a movie about big-a– monsters, called Kaijus, that emerge from the ocean and wreak havoc on San Fran. It’s a lot like Cloverfield, only this time the protagonists aren’t lovesick yuppies but soldiers who fight back by piloting equally big-a– robots called Jaegers (I totally just high-fived the 10-year-old version of myself).

The trailer, which prominently features a giant robot punching a giant monster in the face, leaves us with many questions. Fortunately, the good people at MTV invited del Toro himself to break it down shot by shot.

Here are the five most interesting things we learned from his commentary.

1. According to del Toro, “[Kaiju] blood is highly toxic, acidic.” Because what building-sized monster doesn’t have toxic, acidic blood?

2. In case you were wondering just how two people can control robots the size of zeppelins, here’s everything you need to know: “The pilots wear suits that are neurally linking them. They have a spinal clamp that links their two spines, and then they have relay gel in their helmets that transmits their impulses to one another, so they move in synchronicity. And one of them is handling sort of the neural network of the left side of the Jaeger, the other one is handling the neural network on the right side of the Jaeger. And they are connected between them.”

3. This movie may fulfill the dreams of every pubescent boy in the world, but it’s not just for kids. “The idea for me is to create a movie that my head would explode if I was 12, but at the same time treat it visually as an adult movie. The texture, the color is treated very seriously.”

4. The Jaegers are international! And they have names! In the scene where two of them drop into the water, “the one on the left is the Russian Jaeger, Cherno Alpha, and the one on the right is a Chinese Jaeger, which is Crimson Typhoon.”

5. In the aforementioned scene where a giant robot coldcocks a giant monster, you catch a glimpse of some Full Metal Jacket-style accoutrements on its fist. ““You see that the tools the robot has on its knuckles are really funny. There’s a skull and a poker card.”

And just in case you weren’t already hyperventilating with excitement, del Toro closes with some first-class hype (and gives Merchant Ivory the smackdown in the process): “In all seriousness, I love this trailer, but it’s like the trailer for Howards End next to what the movie is gonna deliver.”

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