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Matt Damon does Bill Clinton impression

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Hold the phone — Matt Damon hasn’t hosted Saturday Night Live since 2002?! That’s bananas. The show could definitely use a strong dose of Bourne 1.0 in 2013 — especially if Damon whips out his unexpectedly spot-on Bill Clinton impersonation.

The Promised Land star did that impression on The Tonight Show yesterday, regaling Jay Leno with an anecdote about a screening of Good Will Hunting at Camp David circa 1997. He sounded just like our 42nd president — or, at least, like Darrell Hammond speaking as our 42nd president. And as a bonus, the story revealed why Clinton loves Tom Hanks. (It’s not just because everybody loves Tom Hanks.)

Now all we need is for Ben Affleck to perfect his Al Gore. This imaginary episode of SNL is going to be the best ever!

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