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Bill Murray makes a big entrance on 'Letterman'

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Bill Murray
Ray Tamarra/FilmMagic

That’ll teach the world’s most elusive star to sneak up on people.

Bill Murray stopped by the Late Show last night — but his entrance wasn’t quite as sedate as that of most celebrities. After David Letterman announced Murray’s arrival, the camera cut to an unmarked vehicle outside of the studio, where Murray was waiting, trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey. He was soon escorted inside — and fake-stun-gunned when he started to talk back to his “captors.”

But don’t worry, fans — Bill seemed to recover from his harsh treatment once he plopped down on a plush chair next to Letterman’s desk. As soon as he sat, Letterman asked incredulously what that whole kidnapping thing had been about. Murray’s response? “It’s nice to be back.” And then the two of them had a pleasant conversation about spending the holidays in New York, complete with cocoa. As you do. Watch both videos below:

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