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'Private Practice': Paul Adelstein on saying goodbye to the series

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Danny Feld/ABC

Cooper (Paul Adelstein) and Charlotte’s (KaDee Strickland) journey toward baby town is about to hit a snag.

In tonight’s episode, the couple will find themselves battling to keep their triplets from being born prematurely after complications arise — and viewers will get to see it all unfold through the eyes of worried father Cooper. “You kind of get a glimpse at how his head is working through all of this stuff, which is fun and funny. And then some stuff goes on with the pregnancy that gets a little more serious, so the audience is taken along on that ride, too,” previews Adelstein.

And while the Cooper-centric hour will give us a glimpse into the doc’s mind, it’s also a window into the “tensions” between the parents-to-be, says Adelstein. “He’s very excited to be a father to three more children. But he’s concerned for their life because it’s risky to carry multiples, and he’s a little concerned about Charlotte’s reticence, in general, I think,” he says. “He wants to make sure she’s fully on board and at least appreciating the level of commitment this thing is going to take.”

In real life, Adelstein knows a lot about commitment. After dedicating the past six years to Private Practice, the show is currently finishing production on its series finale, which will air next year. Ass they prepare to say goodbye, the actor admits he’s already nostalgic. “I can’t believe how much time has passed. Especially in this business, when you’re going to the same place for work every day, it’s very rare, and it make the time seem to go by very fast,” he says. “I’m going to miss it. Everyone I think feels it’s the organic time to end. We’re going to miss going to work every day. And I’m going to miss Cooper.”

So how will the series mark its send-off? In six years, secret-keeping has become an art for the actor, but he did give up one tease: “Shonda [Rhimes, executive producer,] loves to confound expectations, and I think expectations are confounded. Even in the finale itself, there are some big surprises. There were people gasping at the table read. So that was fun.”


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