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'Pretty Little Liars,' 'Supernatural,' 'SOA,' 'Grey's' spoilers

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Sons Of Anarchy
Prashant Gupta/FX

Hope your holidays are filled with glee (and Glee?) so far, Roomies.

Thanks as always for your great questions and keep ’em coming! (spoilerroom@ew.com) And while you do that, I’ll continue working on my application to be the Royal Nanny. #dreams


ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas celebration this weekend brought out stars from the network for a big party at Rockefeller Center. And in the spirit of the holidays, all of them came armed with the gift of scoop — especially Pretty Little Liars cast members Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson, who opened up about the upcoming January premiere of the second half of their third season. Here are four teases!

+ On Aria’s denial: “I think there’s a slow realization of the weight of the actual situation and she comes to terms with it,” says Hale. “I mean, she’s living at home. She lives with her dad. So she’s living at home with a [possible] monster, not knowing if he had anything to do with it or if he was framed in some way. It’s interesting how it all plays out, but it does play out.”

+ On Aria/Ezra: With Aria still keeping the secret about Ezra’s child from him and the information sure to leak out eventually, will it all become too much for young Aria to handle? “This happening to anyone is probably overwhelming, but for someone as young as Aria, it makes her [wonder] if this is what she really wants,” Hale says. “She really grows up in this second half of the season and it’s pretty cool.”

+ On the season 3 finale: “Our last day [on set] was 19 or 20 hours, and we topped it, I think,” reveals Mitchell. “The writers just keep giving us great material to work with, so I’m thankful for that…But I think this one, though, does have something that is revealed and also there’s a huge event that takes place in the season finale.”

+ On “unlikely suspects”: As the suspect list continues to swell in the second half of the season, Benson says that at least one of the surprising names that will be added to the list will hit Hannah “really close” to home. “That’s all I can say.”

Want more? Send specific questions about the 3B premiere to spoilerroom@ew.com or to me via Twitter (@EWSandraG).


How intense was last week’s episode of Scandal? I certainly needed a little breather after that one. (By breather, I mean I had to unclench the pillow in my lap and make sure circulation returned to my fingers.) And I can tell you that this week’s episode continues that momentum in a really creative way.

As I told you a few weeks ago, Thursday’s fantastic episode is one part present-day drama and one part flashback. In the latter, we revisit Inauguration Day and the very early days of Fitz’s presidency. Hint: there’s plenty of hot Liv/Fitz-ness — and juicy revelations! Bonus fun: We get to see what one member of Olivia Pope and Associates looked like before the team came together, and I can tell you that he/she was in great need of a makeover.

In present day, we pick up moments after the assassination attempt and see that the situation inside the White House continue to be chaotic. “We don’t know if [the president] is dead or alive or what’s going on — or who’s hurt, for that matter,” Dan Bucatinsky previews. Additionally, as many characters are experiencing personal turmoil, everyone inside the White House must refocus their attentions on a very real threat.


The Winchester family tree continues to expand with news that this season will introduce Henry Winchester, Sam and Dean’s paternal grandfather, who will time travel his way into the present day in episode 12 of this season.

And as executive producer Jeremy Carver reveals, the episode, which will air in the new year, will be a loaded bag for Sam and Dean. “The episode really allows them not just to delve into a piece of family lore that they really will carry with them moving forward in this season and seasons beyond, it also, frankly, forces them to deal again with some issues related to their grandfather and their father, John,” he says. “For me, that’s one of the most fun things about the show — all of these little patches of history and mythology that we can fill in.”

But will the episode, which Carver describes as “fun [and] heartfelt,” be the only time we see Henry, who will be played by ER vet Gil Mckinney? Or will he be a looming presence, much like Sam and Dean’s other grandfather Samuel Campbell, who we first met in season 4 and had a large arc in season 6? “That’s not to be disclosed,” says Carver.

(Stay tuned for more from Carver in a full Q&A.)