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The Stars of Good Morning America: 2012 Entertainers of the year

ABC’s remarkably telegenic and talented morning-news crew discovered better living through (great) chemistry, and helped the show hit no.1 for the first time in 16 years

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Morning television is such a careful high-wire act. You’ve got to be able to deliver the news of the day, you’ve got to be able to make those transitions to the more lifestyle-pop-entertainment elements that typically populate the second hour, and you’ve got to have wonderful chemistry. That is key in the morning — the ability to tease each other and be at ease at an ungodly hour. If you don’t like each other, you can’t hide it on live TV. The smile doesn’t go to your eyes. It’s a testament to what GMA has built when you see how Robin handled her illness, being so amazingly forthcoming and courageous and honest, trusting that the relationship with the audience was real. [Roberts was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome this past summer.] The show has a clear compass and a sense of itself, and at moments like that you can really see it. Clearly what you see on camera is the tip of the iceberg and speaks to the work of hundreds of people. But from a viewer’s standpoint, all I see is what happens when all those people do their jobs well so that the people on camera can present the fruits of their labors. And that’s one good basket of fruit. —Tom Bergeron

Stephanopoulos on
GMA reaching No. 1
”On TV things are like an ocean liner — it’s hard to turn. So I thought it would take some time before we caught on around the country. It was a surprise when all of a sudden it just flipped. And once it flipped, it stayed flipped!”