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'My Little Pony': Trixie's triumphant return

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My Little Pony
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Guess who’s back?

In October, Friendship Is Magic head writer Meghan McCarthy told EW that the show’s third season would see a favorite villain returning “in a very, very awesome way.” We know now that the pony in question is none other than Trixie, a conceited traveling magician last seen fleeing from Ponyville in a puff of poorly-conjured smoke.

In “Magic Duel” — which airs tomorrow — “The Great and Powerful” Trixie reappears, bent on getting revenge on Twilight Sparkle and her pals. Watch the exclusive clip below to learn what happened to Trixie after she was run out of town — and how the magician punishes poor Pinkie Pie when she dares to speak out against the wicked pony.

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