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Addicted To Fame

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ADDICTED TO FAME Anna Nicole Smith

Addicted to Fame

Current Status:
In Season
89 minutes
Limited Release Date:
Anna Nicole Smith
David Giancola
Documentary, Biography

We gave it a D

For a brief, crazy moment I had myself convinced that Addicted to Fame is a weird, zeitgeisty piece of meta something-or-other. How else could it stand to be so heartless? But nope: This hapless, clueless, necrophiliac documentary ”starring,” directed, and narrated with a smirk by David Giancola documents Giancola’s own making of Illegal Aliens, a doomed 2007 project he says he conceived of as a parody of a B movie. In what he thought was a jokey brainstorm, he cast that tragic parody of a celebrity, Anna Nicole Smith. And in a sad twist that is no laughing matter, Aliens would be her final film before her death of a drug overdose that same year, at the age of 39.

Giancola now says he always knew his star was a mess, and so was the movie, and that’s why he kept cameras rolling — to cash in on the mayhem. Well, he got more than he bargained for, and apparently still doesn’t know what to do with it. One suggestion: Be decent, be quiet, and stop feasting on the spectacle of the obviously troubled Ms. Smith, whose self-styled existence has made hyenas of the public and the media alike. The title Addicted to Fame hints that Giancola knows enough to count himself among the hooked. But the crappiness of this doc about a crappy parody of a crappy B movie suggests that he hasn’t kicked the habit. (Also available on VOD and iTunes) D