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'Glee': Rachel and Kurt's New York fashion

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After two years of assisting Lou Eyrich — who is now creating nun habits and 1960s separates for season two of American Horror Story — costume designer Elizabeth Martucci stepped into the lead role in Glee‘s wardrobe department just in time to give Rachel and Kurt their New York City makeovers. In a piece originally published before the season 4 premiere, EW caught up with Martucci to find out how she’s taking the duo’s looks in a new direction, where she finds fashion inspiration, and what it’s like to shop for a living.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did Lea Michele and Chris Colfer have input on how their character’s style would change once they moved to New York City?

ELIZABETH MARTUCCI: I always enjoy hearing the actors’ thoughts, it’s a collaboration. I’ve been with the show since the second season, so we’re not starting fresh. We have relationships and there’s already trust there.

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