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New Zero Dark Thirty photos

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Zero Dark Thirty 02

Kathryn Bigelow’s film about the top-secret hunt for Osama Bin Laden has been appropriately shrouded in mystery, with very occasional intelligence leaks — Gandolfini is Panetta! There might be a prequel! — offering a slow tease in advance of the movie’s mid-December limited release. The movie now has an official website, however, and a few intriguing new photos have arrived on the internet, offering you the change to examine each photo for clues about what is happening, why that thing is happening, and who, precisely, that thing is happening to.

Zero Dark Thirty 02

First up: Star Jessica Chastain is joined by erstwhile replacement-Draper Christopher Stanley. Something very military-esque is happening. Possibly a certain raid on a certain Pakistani compound? Unclear!

Here we see Chastain in the middle of a meeting which looks about as much fun as every meeting you’ve ever been to. The CIA, y’all: It’s not all illicit love affairs.

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