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Syfy strikes first with 'Robot Combat League'

”Real Steel” is brought to life on SyFy’s new show ”Robot Combat League”

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Remember watching Real Steel and wondering how long we’d have to wait until someone created actual man-size fighting droids that could slug it out in a boxing ring? How does Feb. 26 sound? That’s when Syfy will unveil Robot Combat League, a series where eight-foot-tall, 1,000-pound, state-of-the-art robots piloted by human ”robo-jockeys” will compete for…oh, who cares what they’ll compete for? It’s a show about giant fighting robots! ”Up until we actually saw them in the ring fighting, we didn’t think it would work,” admits Syfy president Mark Stern. ”It’s truly spectacular.” WWE wrestler Chris Jericho will host and deliver the play-by-play as 12 teams duke it out, each with its own unique robot designed by Hollywood animatronic wizard Mark Setrakian. Virtual fighters from various backgrounds (such as a race-car driver and a helicopter pilot) will wear special suits to control the action. Hopefully they’ll also get to shout, ”I knocked your block off!” when they win.