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Rust and Bone

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THE LOVELY BONES Matthias Schoenaerts helps Marion Cotillard recover her will to live after a terrible accident leaves her unable to walk in Rust and…
Roger Arpajou

Rust and Bone

Current Status:
In Season
120 minutes
Limited Release Date:
Marion Cotillard
Jacques Audiard
Sony Pictures Classics
Romance, Drama

We gave it a C

We’ve all seen the technique by which an actor is made to look like a person with an amputated limb. In the French drama Rust and Bone, director Jacques Audiard takes this queasy, eye-popping stunt and pushes it to a newly disturbing and authentic-looking prominence. Marion Cotillard, from La Vie en Rose and The Dark Knight Rises, plays a killerwhale trainer and performer at a marine park who becomes the victim of a horrific attack in which one of the whales bites off both her legs just above the knee. Her despair, rehabilitation, and slow rediscovery of herself take place in communion with an ultimate-fighting bruiser (Matthias Schoenaerts) who’s a thuggishly sensitive screwup. Cotillard, with stringy long hair and a coal fire of severity in her eyes, has what it takes to play a woman who feels that she’s lost everything. But she’s forced to flail and mood-swing from scene to scene. In an insult to the disabled, there is never much to her but her hellacious injury. C