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Bobby Moynihan skewers Guy Fieri in cut 'SNL' bit


Oh, so that’s why this week’s Saturday Night Live was underwhelming! All the show needed was a flavoricious punch of Donkey Sauce, expertly delivered by Bobby Moynihan’s cackling take on Guy Fieri.

It’s a shame that the following bit — in which Fieri stops by Weekend Update, only to discover that the New York Times wasn’t exactly into his new restaurant — got cut from Saturday’s show. Moynihan’s Fieri voice is spot-on, and his shocked response to the Times review — “Oh, that’s not off the chain. Oh, that’s very much on the chain” — was much funnier than any Timberlake-free musical monologue. Though Update’s Petreus scandal and Chris Christie segments definitely hit, including the Fieri thing on the live show would have been icing on the cake.

But hey, at least NBC isn’t letting the bit go unseen. Feast your eyes on this, hombres:

What’s your favorite part? It’s tough to choose between the careful way Seth Meyers pronounces “Fieri” the “Italian” way and the fake Fieri’s bottom line: “Grouping me in with regular New York restaurants is like comparing apples and fat dirt.”

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