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'MTV exec' reveals why the net stopped showing music videos

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Some complaints are so pervasive that they eventually become their own cliches — think “The Simpsons hasn’t been funny since Season 8!” or “Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny since [whatever year the complainer was 16]!” Chief among these is the stale lament that MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore — “It’s called Music Television, dadgumit!” (Somehow, you never hear those same people complaining about The Learning Channel‘s similar misnomer.)

But listen up, people: MTV’s head of programming* has heard your cries, and he’s finally ready to give you the answers you crave. All will be revealed in the following video:

*The guy in this video, of course, isn’t really MTV’s head of programming; he’s a comedian named Brian Firenzi. Coincidentally, MTV just named a new programming chief — Susanne Daniels, who made her name by championing shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dawson’s Creek while heading up The WB. So cheer up, nostalgic 20-somethings — I bet she’ll bring Daria back!!

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