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'Holy Motors' exclusive video

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Holy Motors

French director Léos Carax’s new film Holy Motors is among the most memorable releases of 2012 — and quite possibly the most mystifying. Denis Lavant stars as a man whose job requires him to adopt an array of different personae in the course of the day, including that of a female panhandler, a motion-capture actor, and a gibberish-spouting, flower-eating, sewer-dweller who kidnaps Eva Mendes’ fashion model.

Confused? Well, that may be part of the point — and the fun. As my colleague Lisa Schwarzbaum wrote in her recent, glowing review, “Nothing makes ‘sense’ in this crazy-beautiful reverie about movies, love, the love of movies, and the inevitability of human melancholy … And yet everything is exactly as it should be in such an exhilarating puzzle, one of the grand cinematic eruptions of the year.”

Holy Motors is currently platforming out across the country and you can check out an exclusive clip — which finds Lavant’s character “playing” the aforementioned petal-chewer — below. You will also find the movie’s trailer.

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