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Your Hidden Gems of Election 2012!

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CNN definitely coordinated its “true blue state” shade with the exact color of Anderson Cooper’s icy hot eyes, right? RIGHT?

Who says EW.com’s Hidden Gems franchise needs to be limited to Dancing With the Stars coverage? Usually me, but I’m feeling democratic today. I’ll be compiling fun screenshots of election coverage throughout the night, so go ahead and send in the screen gems — noteworthy quirks that are not necessarily the main focus of the telecast — you notice yourselves.

I’ll probably stick to watching CNN as a home base because I do whatever the top of the Empire State Building tells me to, but I’m open to flipping channels. FOUR MORE CHANNELS! MAYBE EVEN MORE!

Don’t leave your image urls or attatchments in the comments because they might get flagged. Email them to me with a brief caption or tweet them to me @EWAnnieBarrett. To be clear, I am indeed encouraging readers to send in random photos of their televisions, probably taken from their phones. Eh, it’s an experiment. We’ll see what happens. Let quality control fly out the window in the interest of top-notch mining!


Wolf Blitzer’s hipster glasses. Obviously.

BROKAW’S hipster glasses?!

John King’s hands seem to get bigger every time they’re featured….

What is that American flag piñata in the background in Henrico County, VA? Igloo? Triumphant hand? JOHN KING’S HAND?

Update: Reader Josh Legette, who lives there, says it’s an American flag rooster. Duh!

Meanwhile, Barbara Wawa’s politically neutral golden baubles are very Chico’s chic.

Romney better watch himself ’cause someone’s about to shave his neck.

What Bill O’Reilly said: “The Romney campaign took no chances.”

What it looks like: ?!?!

That guy yawning in the bottom left corner seems especially excited about Lincoln. And update a few seconds later: Could be a giant mustache, not a yawn.

Beware, little old lady in Boulder County. She’ll take your eye out!

NEXT PAGE: The gems really heat up with Ice Team Zero and a Breaking Bad cameo