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Music From Another Dimension! - review - Aerosmith

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YIN AND YANG Guitarist Joe Perry adds ''dimension'' to this otherwise predictable album of Steven Tylerisms
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Music From Another Dimension!

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POP, Rock

We gave it a B

Erstwhile American Idol sprite and life-long scarf enthusiast Steven Tyler tends to hog the spotlight, but Aerosmith’s first original disc in 11 years, Music From Another Dimension!, actually belongs to guitarist Joe Perry. His effortlessly supple brand of bar-stool blues dances equally well with the soul-drenched hip-shaker ”Out Go the Lights” and the punked-up juggernaut ”Street Jesus.’ And Perry’s low-key lead vocal turn on ”Freedom Fighter” provides just the right amount of yin to Tyler’s relentless horndog yang. B

Out Go the Lights
Can’t Stop Loving You