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October 22, 2012 at 06:25 PM EDT

American Idol no longer has the most expensive ads on TV.

Ad Age has just released its list of the most expensive shows, as judged by the cost of a 30-second spot, and football is king. The cost of a 30-second ad during Sunday Night Football is $545,142, up from $512,367 last year.

Idol, which has taken the top spot for the past five years, fell a lot. Last season, a 30-second spot on the Wednesday’s show ran $502,900. Now, it’s $340,825. (Perhaps Nicki and Mariah need to drum up even more publicity.) The results show on Idol is currently $296,002, also down from last season’s price of $468,100.

Ad Age reports that the other big winner is New Girl. The sophomore comedy commands $320,940 for an ad, up from $125,488 last year. That places it on the number four spot, behind Sunday Night Football, Idol and Emmy-winning Modern Family ($330,908).

Here’s the full list:

1. Sunday Night Football, $545,142

2. American Idol, $340,825

3. Modern Family, $330,908

4. New Girl, $320,940

5. American Idol, results, $296,002

6. The Simpsons $286,131

7. Family Guy $276,690

8. Big Bang Theory $275,573

9. 2 Broke Girls $269,235

10. Two and a Half Men $247,261

As you can see, comedies are king for advertisers. Note to networks: Get on with making a football comedy, stat.

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