October 22, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Update: Annie’s recap is live.

We’ll see two performance shows and zero eliminations this week on DWTS, thanks to the presidential debates. It’s so weird when two totally different planets spontaneously combust into a universe-wide “timing issue.” The Glitter Galaxy’s finest meteorologists are on the edges of their rhinestone-encrusted seats ready to take notes! 

This week the eight remaining couples dance a “guilty pleasure” routine in addition to a Team Freestyle — “Gangnam Style” vs. “Call Me Maybe.”

It’s sadly a non-hidden gems week on EW.com, but you can still discuss the show here or on our DWTS live blog during the live telecast — and scatter ye sparkly rosettes while ye may. My recap will be up Tuesday morning.

Update: Carrie Ann fell off her chair!



Never forget.

~~~~Fingers crossed for fringe~~~


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