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Bruno Mars hosts 'Saturday Night Live'


Snl Bruno Mars Walkup

Oh, Bruno! When I see that face, there’s not a thing that I would change.

If Bruno Mars is as goofy and versatile as his winning mug — seriously, he’s like a live-action Muppet — SNL this week should be a fun ride. At least, provided you’re a fan of comedy set to a jaunty tune. Last week, actress and Broadway vet Christina Applegate impressed with a series of all-singing, all-dancing sketches… but after her performance, plus Joseph Gordon Levitt’s striptease, plus Seth MacFarlane’s tuneful monologue, I could understand if some viewers are feeling musical fatigue. But hey — as long as every sketch doesn’t have an instrumental element, the device hopefully won’t get too tired.

Of course, Mars will have to worry about more than simply staying on pitch. Serving as both host and musical guest is no small feat, especially considering the big names who have done it in the past. Mick Jagger performed double duty just last May, following Elton John’s double threat performance in 2011. And then there’s newlywed Justin Timberlake, whose three host/musical guest stints have passed into SNL legend. Can Mars hang with these big boys?

Judging purely from his “Lazy Song” video, I think the Grammy winner definitely has potential. The clip’s absurd sense of humor is very encouraging, and it also suggests that Mars doesn’t take himself too seriously — an essential quality for any successful host.

What else might show up in tonight’s episode? Another debate sketch is a given; I also wouldn’t be surprised to see something playing off of the “binders full of women” meme, especially given the cast’s strong female contingent. And last week’s insanely random Usain Bolt cameo means that anyone could appear tonight; could this finally be the week that Honey Boo Boo makes it to Studio 8H?

What are you hoping to see on this week’s SNL? Discuss that — as well as the episode itself — below, and check back in the morning for our full recap.

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