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Bristol Palin seeks apology from Jimmy Kimmel

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Bristol Palin and her Dancing With the Stars partner Mark Ballas visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night after being voted off the reality competition. Kimmel thanked her for being such a good sport and making the obligatory appearance, considering he’s made “one or two” jokes about Sarah Palin over the years.

“I’m here for my apology,” Bristol responded. When she didn’t accept Kimmel’s halfhearted “I’m sorry,” he gave her permission to insult his own mother.

The highlight of the interview, however, was Kimmel’s poetic introduction of Bristol (“Like a majestic wild moose suddenly felled by a rifle’s blast, tonight our next guest’s dream of dance domination fell to earth with a tragic thud”), which was likely a jab at her mother’s use of wildlife metaphors to describe last week’s vice presidential debate. So much for that apology.

Watch the video below:

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