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'30 Rock': Kenneth tries to seduce Jenna

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Any publicity is good publicity, right? Not if you’re 30 Rock‘s Jenna Maroney, an incredibly vain, insecure star who gets jealous of babies for their soft skin. So when Jenna gets some bad press in a tabloid called Them during this week’s episode, the TGS team will do anything to keep her from seeing it — including staging an elaborate fake seduction that involves a moist mop and Kenneth’s hairless shins.

Is it as hot as Liz and Criss’s sultry trip to the office supply store from last week’s episode? What’s grosser: Kenneth getting covered in mop juice, or Jenna “answering fan mail” by rubbing pairs of underwear with baloney, then stuffing them into envelopes? Is 30 Rock the most weirdly perverse TV show in network history? Decide for yourself after watching the clip below:

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