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The Time Keeper - review - Mitch Albom

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TIMELY TALE Albom's latest novel about Father Time's exile from earth is implausible (even for him) and sparse

The Time Keeper

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Mitch Albom

We gave it a C-

In Mitch Albom’s latest spiritual fable The Time Keeper, Father Time is exiled from the earth after inventing the first clock (and, for some reason, climbing the Tower of Babel). He now intervenes in the lives of two modern-day humans: a high schooler in the throes of a soul-crushing first love and an eightysomething billionaire (with an improbably devoted wife) who seeks immortality by cryogenically freezing his body. Naturally, there’s a moral to the story: Time is precious. Also: One-percenters can be nutso megalomaniacs (super-rich best-selling authors excepted, presumably). Albom, a speaking-circuit regular, appears to have composed his novel in PowerPoint. Each short chapter is broken up with bold-type subheadings, letting readers skim the already thin narrative ever more quickly, in outline form. Think of all those precious moments saved! C-