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'America's Next Top Model': Why is there a girl licking the floor?

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Douglas Fredman/Pottle Productions Inc

On this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, the contestants ditch the sorority house and road trip into uncomfortable territory. EW caught up with ANTM photo shoot creative consultant Johnny Wujek to get the details.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This week’s episode is called “The Girl Who Licks the Floor.” What’s with the title?

JOHNNY WUJEK: Desperation! The theme is that the girls went out partying and the next morning got thrown right into a photo shoot.

Fine, but can you explain why we see a girl licking the floor?

They’re [posed in] these caught-off-guard moments where they’re on the toilet; they’re throwing up; they’re in the shower passing out. One girl is desperate enough to lick a spilled drink off the kitchen floor.

Were the girls actually out partying the night before?

No, that was just the idea behind it. Tyra came up with this shoot and the idea of “unexpected glamour,” a moment where you’re caught in the act of doing something that’s [unconventionally] beautiful and, as she would say, fierce.

Sounds like there were a few uncomfortable moments, what was the worst?

We’re in this grimy kitchen [shooting] and the girl is licking the floor when all of a sudden we see this cockroach run across it. I was like, ‘It’s time to wrap up.’

Does anyone draw the line? Can they?

They’re absolutely able to voice [concerns]. They’re human. With the stylists, the girls would [sometimes] say, ‘I want to wear that,’ or ‘I don’t want to wear this.’ They all have their opinions.

What’s the story behind this week’s challenge?

The girls get sent on a road trip to Palm Springs and have all these tasks along the way. [We called them] “Random Acts of Modeling.” They’re not supposed to look too staged or posed… like eating cotton candy, but looking fierce. The key is to be in the moment as opposed to posing. They’re paired up in teams of two and Marvin [Scott Jarrett] from Nylon is the challenge judge. The winner gets to be a host on Nylon TV for a segment. The biggest problem is that there are girls who can’t stand each other, girls who don’t want to be on each other’s teams, so [it’s a battle of] egos and control freaks. It’s a matter of surviving each other and still creating those moments.

Any new drama brewing between the girls?

There’s lots of drama with Victoria right now, but she starts it… And there’s drama with Laura. She’s been in the lead and crushing it, but her shoot doesn’t go well. It’s a bit stagnant and boring. She doesn’t bring what she normally does.

And what about the resident bad girl—Kristin? Is she really that tough or just misunderstood?

She has a full on badattitude, but I feel like it’s forced. If it came down to it, you could out bitch her. She’s not as bad as she portrays herself to be. She’s a lot of talk. That said, she has a great shoot this week.

The “comeback series” is starting to heat up with so many castaways. Where do the eliminated girls stay between photo shoots?

The girls are staying in a hotel. They’re kept separate from the other girls. They have their own thing going on.

Is there less pressure on them because they don’t have to deal with sorority house drama?

It’s a different kind of pressure because they all want to come back, but now they’re part of this little gang. They’re still filming them every week. Some of the competition, in a way, went out the window because they have a camaraderie and their own thing going on. But they’re still in it to win it!