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Who is TV's best crier?

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Charlie Hunnam

Last week, my colleague Mandi Bierly wrote a post about TV’s greatest tearjerkers that got me thinking about all my personal favorites, many of which came up in the comments. But as I constructed my list of favorite scenes, I realized that there are some actors who really know how to deliver the waterworks. There are some who, without fail, have the power to reduce me to a sobby mess.

Last night, for example, I was watching the latest Sons of Anarchy and realized that Charlie Hunnam is very much one of those actors. As gruff, strong Jax Teller, it isn’t often that we see Hunnam get to flex that particular emotional muscle. But when he does — man, it’s fantastic. [Sons spoiler ahead…] Two weeks ago, when Opie died in prison, the impact of the moment in itself made me tear up. But it was Jax’s reaction that really got me. And last night, at Opie’s wake, it happened again. I had to rehydrate after that.

So when I really got to thinking about it, I realized that there are only a few actors that have this power over me. My top 5 — in no particular order — are listed below.

1. Charlie Hunnam

2. Alyson Hannigan (Guys, remember this?)

3. Patrick Dempsey (I can’t even…)

4. Jensen Ackles

5. Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy cast = Outstanding Achievement in Tears)

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but that’s off the top. Your turn.