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Elephant and Piggie: Let's Go for a Drive

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Let's Go for a Drive!

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Mo Willems

We gave it an A

Mo Willems prides himself on the simplicity of his Elephant and Piggie drawings, but his award-winning books about a self-conscious elephant and an ebullient pig practically pop off the page. In his latest tale, in which Gerald the Elephant invites best friend Piggie to take a car ride, the illustrations of the bespectacled pachyderm run the gamut of emotions: glee, shock, concern, contemplation, excitement, depression, determination. As the duo think of all the items they need to bring with them, their arched brows or gritted teeth are all you need to understand the feeling of the moment, guiding you to read the characters’ words in the proper spirit. What makes this Elephant and Piggie adventure especially magical is the recurrence of an almost sing-song cadence that has a Pied Piper effect on young children, who won’t need to know how to read in order to recite the book’s entirety within an hour. Before long, you will be unable to say, ”Drive! Drive! Drivey-drive-drive!” without the accompanying hand motions and head bob. Be warned, though, Moms and Dads: the rhythmic chorus can be applied to everything you pass on the road during your family getaway — say a 10-hour trek to Maine. Boats. Beaches. Bears. L.L.Bean. Everything. That said, Elephant and Piggie remain always welcome in this family’s car. (Car! Car! Car-y-car-car!) A