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'Big Bang Theory' react: Sheldon shows emotion, sort of, while Howard gets into a pickle from space

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The season 6 premiere of The Big Bang Theory Thursday night brought a tender declaration (courtesy of Peter Parker) by Sheldon, foiled date attempts by Amy and Leonard, and a lot of Skyping from space. The gang is all back for the new season and the first episode left lots of open questions: What will happen with Penny and Leonard? Will Amy and Sheldon’s glacially-slow budding romance move forward? What was up with Raj and Stewart’s Latin jazz moment?

But the biggest focus of the episode was lightyears away from Comic Center. Even the final frontier can’t stop Howard’s mom. While Raj aptly quips at the beginning of the episode that Howard is “Staring down at our planet like a tiny Jewish Greek god,” we soon learn that even from space, Howard’s mom is controlling him (bonus points for her use of my favorite Yiddish word, farkatke). Watch a clip of Howard in space from the episode here.

What did you think of tonight’s new episode? Leave your comments below and speculate on the season!

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