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Boy Howdy! You'll never guess the director in this childhood photo ...

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Let’s just say you’ve seen this fair-haired boy before, but never looking so … “clean cut.”

(That’s your first clue.)

Think of this as the “before” photo. Things got a lot darker later — both inside his head and on top of it.

In our new issue, Entertainment Weekly convinced this world-famous director to give us some old family photos and talk about a childhood that has shaped nearly three decades of unique moviemaking.

Check out the full version of the photo, along with a few more hints …

Westerns aren’t really his thing, although a close friend is making one at the moment.

This filmmaker is known for a sinister sense of humor, so naturally an image like this — grinning innocently on the back of a pony while dressed as a cowboy — doesn’t really show his true stripes.

Dress up is a particular fascination of his. He loves heroes in costume. The stranger the better.

After all, Halloween is one of his favorite holidays, and many of his movies are classics of the season. He has got one coming up soon, frankly.

All right, guessing game is over. If you haven’t figured it out, the answer — and an explanation — is on the next page.