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Family Guy -- Season premiere trailer

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The Griffins are about to peak — or so they hope. In the season 11 premiere of Family Guy, Peter winds up dragging the family to the Himalayas to climb Mt. Everest after learning that Lois’ old boyfriend, Ross Fishman, was taking his family on the same adventure. (Fishman’s uppity wife, by the way, is voiced by… Elizabeth Banks.) As you can imagine, the journey to the top of the Earth doesn’t exactly go as planned. “It’s rough going,” exec producer Mark Hentemann told EW. “They eat a dead kid. And Meg eats a lot.” There are no acts of cannibalism depicted in the trailer for “Into Fat Air,” which airs Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. on Fox, but this minute-and-half preview does involve drinking at high altitudes, a pukecicle, and talk of tampons, so consider yourself warned.

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