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If Malcolm in the Middle taught us anything, it’s that life is unfair.

That’s the only way we can think to explain that apparently this month was the first time the Malcolm cast all got together in the over six years since the show has been off the air.

Luckily, cameras were there to document the occasion. Frankie Muniz tweeted the photo at left, along with the message, “Had an amazing time seeing all my old friends from “Malcolm” today… Realized how much i missed everyone!”

“Everyone” included Bryan Cranston (Hal), Jane Kaczmarek (Lois), Justin Berfield (Reese), Christopher Kennedy Masterson (Francis), a photo of Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey), and who I’m assuming are the twins who played baby Jamie in the later seasons.

In another photo, Muniz tweeted a picture of himself with Kaczmarek, writing, “Me & mom.”

If you’re now feeling all nostalgic, check out one of my all-time favorite Malcolm clips, from the show’s first season, where Hal teaches Malcolm how to roller skate:

Hey, it’s better than teaching his son how to make meth.

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