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September 24, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

How I Met Your Mother

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With this season of How I Met Your Mother possibly acting as the show’s last, it’s clear the show has its sights set on the end. Because tonight we got closer to the mother than we ever have before…

[Spoilers ahead, HIMYM fans!]

Meeting the mother has always been like using dial-up to view internet porn in the ’90s — her image has been shown body part by body part. Tonight, we got some knees! (Feet and calves previously seen here.) But more importantly, those knees were standing mere feet from Ted Mosby on a train platform!! And she was carrying a guitar! And she needs a stylish friend to take her shoe shopping. (Okay, that last one is more commentary than clue.)

Let’s rewind: The season picked up with Barney and Robin’s wedding day, where Ted was trying to calm Robin down. She was thinking about escaping out the window. (As you might remember from this photo, Barney had a similar idea.) But Ted knew from experience that windows — and that window specifically — was harder to get out of than it may have seemed.

Flashback to last season, right after Ted and Victoria began driving off into the sunset together. Upon learning Victoria had not left a note for her fiancee Klaus (“a common courtesy”), he turned around so they could leave one. The problem? Neither of them could exactly waltz into the bride’s suite and leave it. “Andrea the Giant,” Klaus’ sister, had been standing guard at the door. Their only way in was via a window with a convenient pipe on the outside. (And it happened to be the same window that Robin would consider fleeing out of years later.)

Ted ended up having to go in and out of that window more than a few times. Thanks to Barney’s skills of phone seduction, Ted was able to leave the note easily. But when he realized he left the car keys in the room, he had to scale it. But not before running into Klaus, who he caught leaving the wedding! So he climbed into Klaus’ room, took the note he had left for Victoria (“It’s common courtesy,” Klaus affirmed.), climbed into Victoria’s room, took the note they had left, opened Klaus’ note, left fake tears on the letter, and scaled back down. Victoria was free from blame, and Ted had conquered a fear! Success!

But one thing still plagued Ted: Why would Klaus leave the greatest woman in the world at the altar? She wasn’t the one, Klaus said later when Ted caught up with him at the train station. When you find the one, you know it “inshtantaneously” he said.

Considering the episode began with Ted just minutes away from his first meeting with The Mother, we can assume it’s love at first sight. And I can’t wait to see it.

Meanwhile, Barney and Robin are back on the path toward each other. We all know Quinn and Nick (Michael Trucco) aren’t keepers, and in tonight’s episode, Robin realized how much Barney still cares when she went to his storage unit and found all these tokens of their relationship inside. Despite claiming he’d wiped all evidence of it, Barney had simply hidden it away. Part of me feels like he had never intended to show it to her, but Robin has this power to break Barney. And that’s really what makes them a great pair.

A few quick words on another great pair: Can someone please give Lily and Marshall a nap? If you’ve ever been deliriously tired, your heart probably ached for these two. I was really hoping the episode would end with someone giving them a break. Step up, gang!

Share your thoughts on the episode below, and if you know German, type out all the pretty things Klaus said for me!

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