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Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'SNL' promos


The last time JGL hosted SNL, his monologue included two awesome back flips. How’s he going to top that this Saturday? According to the man himself: “I’m gonna cut myself in half! I’ll probably die!”

Thank heavens for the wisdom of Jason Sudeikis, who suggests an alternative in the promos below — “Why don’t you just break dance or something?”

As long as Gordon-Levitt takes Sudeikis’s advice, we should be in for a good show this weekend. The Looper star was a hit when he hosted in 2009, winning praise for his boundless energy and enthusiasm. (Even though Ken Tucker wasn’t a huge fan.) If the promos are any indication, we can expect a JGL who’s a little more subdued — but no less entertaining — come Saturday night. Also, did you know he’s a ninja? Watch and be amazed:

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