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Bill Clinton's DNC speech: Top 15 faces of people waiting to hear it

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There is little doubt that former President Bill Clinton’s speech during Wednesday night’s Democratic National Convention was nothing less than a barn-burner. “Loose and ebullient, sprinkling his text with ad libs, Clinton reminded viewers what a powerful speaker he is, and how his pleasure in speechifying can be contagious,” wrote EW’s Ken Tucker. “Obama has his work cut out for him [Thursday] night to top this.”

Clinton’s oratory had the added effect of blasting away the cobwebs from an evening of speeches from non-professional speakers that ranged from agreeably engaging to stilted and bland — in marked contrast to the DNC’s first night of expertly choreographed and electrically delivered addresses. One need only look over the faces of the convention crowd Tuesday night to get a sense that many attendees were pretty much just waiting for the evening’s headliner to show up already. Forthwith, I give you the top 15 faces of people biding their time for Bill Clinton, rating their state of political lethargy ranging from 1 (fifth season of The West Wing) to 10 (five-hour C-SPAN broadcast about sorghum futures). Enjoy! 

State of political lethargy: 4

State of political lethargy: 7 — “I knew my hat needed more flair.”

State of political lethargy: 7 — “What is Paul Begala yelling about now?”

State of political lethargy: 5

State of political lethargy: 8 — “Madeleine Albright’s giant pin is maaaking meeee sleeeeeeepyyyyyyyy.”

State of political lethargy: 6 — “Girlfriend, you are no Michelle Obama.”

State of political lethargy: 5 — “Boyfriend, you are no Deval Patrick.”

State of political lethargy: 3 — “These glasses are the only thing that’s keeping any of this interesting.” BONUS: Eva Longoria Oh-no-Piers-Morgan-didn’t-just-ask-me-about-Clint-Eastwood face

State of political lethargy: 5 — “Why does Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz insist on blocking my view?”

State of political lethargy: 7 (would be higher but for the amazing hat)

State of political lethargy: 6 (would be higher but for the glow-in-the-dark eyeshadow)

State of political lethargy: 4

State of political lethargy: 7 — So that’s what happens to Parks and Recreation‘s April in season 5…  

State of political lethargy: 4 — “Should’ve brought those lemon squares.”

State of political lethargy: 9 — Ladies and gentlemen, the 2004 Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

EXTRA BONUS: Eva Longoria hate smile for Piers Morgan!

“I know you just did not manhandle my Christian Louboutin heels.”

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