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'Big Brother': And the evicted houseguests are...

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The Big Brother house can be an extremely unpredictable place, but we can always count on Frank for some stability. We know that if Frank doesn’t win Head of Household, he’s going to be put up on the chopping block. So of course, Frank was nominated for eviction last week (he took a penalty during a veto competition that forced him to sit out of the following two HoH competitions) by his arch-nemesis — former ally — Ian, reaffirming his status as the perennial victim. Dan’s actions, on the other hand, sustained his newfound role as villain. Although he swore on his wedding band, his dead grandmother’s gold chain, and the Bible, Dan betrayed Frank by reuniting the Quack Pack and masterminding his placement on the chopping block. Not only did he convince both Ian and Frank that his idea to use the power of veto on Jenn City was in fact their own respective ideas, he also convinced four of the remaining players in the house that he would “take them to the end.”

[SPOILERS FROM HERE] Well, the sixth time was the charm: With a vote of 3-1, a “shell-shocked” Frank was eliminated from the game, forcing us to bid adieu to our anchor. Frank told Julie Chen that he would still harbor “hard feelings” for Dan. That’s not all. Wait for it … it’s double elimination night! The houseguests didn’t have much time to process what happened as they — now for the second time in the game — had to prepare for a second elimination and compete in a HoH competition. Dan won his first HoH title of the season, giving him even more leverage in the game. He had a few measly minutes to put two players on the block, but seemed confident with his decision. He opted to do what he does best and backstab his friend Ian as well as Joe, whose seat was still warm from the last time he sat in it. Next up, the veto competition. Ian won, took himself off the block, and Danielle — Dan’s ally from day one — went up in his place. You didn’t see that coming, did you? With a unanimous vote, Joe was the second player evicted from the Big Brother house tonight.

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