Dalton Ross
August 29, 2012 at 04:00 PM EDT

While most of the attention from the season 2 Walking Dead finale centered on the fact that zombies infiltrated the farm and started biting any of Hershel’s relatives they could get their disgusting jaws on, another quieter event took place that will also set off serious ramifications when the AMC drama picks back up in season 3 on Oct. 14. After Rick told Lori about how he killed her former lover and his best friend Shane, she recoiled in seeming disgust.

And now it appears that time — the show picks up several months later — has not healed all wounds. “I’m not saying that it’s irrevocable, their relationship, but it’s pretty close to that,” Andrew Lincoln told us while taking a break from shooting one of four Entertainment Weekly Walking Dead covers. “Every time they see one another, they’re reminded of the shame.” Lincoln goes on to explain that the disgust ran so deep that he couldn’t even look at Sarah Wayne Callies. “We made a choice as actors, certainly for the first few episodes, not to make eye contact. It was an interesting choice because every time that we looked at each other, it burned.”

To hear more from Lincoln on what to expect from the not-so-lovey-dovey Grimes family in season 3, click on the video player below. And you can buy the Rick EW cover (or all four Walking Dead covers in a special bundle pack) right here.

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