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LeBron James wants to star in 'Space Jam 2'

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Space Jam
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On some level, every basketball player in the post-Jordan era wants to be like Mike — and LeBron James is no exception. Like Jordan, James snagged an incredibly lucrative contract with Nike and has starred in a series of iconic commercials. He’s also dabbled in acting and hosted Saturday Night Live, just like the former Chicago Bull — although Jordan never did a cameo on Entourage. Now the Heat’s superstar has set his sights on another Jordinian achievement: Starring in a sequel to everyone’s favorite aliens-vs.-Looney-Tunes adventure.

On Sunday, James was asked on Twitter if he loved the movie Space Jam. LeBron’s answer? “I love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2!”

The idea really isn’t so crazy. Although movies starring NBA greats aren’t always slam dunks, Space Jam is an exception — the film was a financial success, grossing over $230 million worldwide. (And that’s in 1996 dollars!) Looney Tunes: Back in Action wasn’t nearly as big at the box office in 2003, but it didn’t focus on sports and tried to replace MJ with Brendan Fraser. A Space Jam sequel could be just what the franchise needs to get back in the game — especially if a lightning rod player like James is in the Jordan role.

So, what might the plot for Space Jam 2: It’s Good 2 Be the King entail? Picture this: LeBron plays alongside the Looney Tunes, serving as their star small forward for seven years. But after he becomes an unrestricted free space agent, an evil alien zaps James with a brain ray — leading James to make a horrible Decision, leave Bugs Bunny & Co., and take his talents to a new crew of wicked Nerdlucks. To get LeBron back, the Tunes have to battle the Nerdlucks in a climactic game of b-ball, scored exclusively by Quad City DJs. At the end, Bill Murray makes a surprise cameo.

Got a better idea? Write it in the comments — it’s time to slam now. We got a real jam goin’ down.

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