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'30 Rock': Is Liz having a baby?

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Did 30 Rock executive producer Jeff Burditt just give us our first glance at Planty in the flesh? We won’t know for sure until after 30 Rock‘s seventh season premieres in October — but this picture Burditt tweeted today seems to indicate that Liz Lemon and Criss Chros have procreated.

But knowing 30 Rock, there could be all sorts of other explanations for why Liz Lemon is holding a baby. Such as:

1. It’s a callback to Season 1’s ninth episode, “The Baby Show,” in which Liz accidentally steals a coworker’s bundle of joy.

2. Liz rescued the kid from Jenna, who was jealous of its soft skin.

3. That’s actually Jack’s daughter Liddy, who has somehow shrunk in size.

4. Poor Liz has cracked and is carrying around an actual plant swaddled in blankets.

5. That’s not Liz Lemon, it’s Tina Fey — and she’s holding one-year-old daughter Penelope.

What’s your theory — and if Liz does, in fact, have a little Lemon on her hands, what does that mean for 30 Rock‘s final season?

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