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'Big Brother': And the evicted houseguests are...

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UPDATE: My full recap is now live! Tonight’s episode of Big Brother was bound to be a gamechanger. Mike Boogie, one of the greatest and most villainous players to ever linger in the Big Brother house, was up on the block with the votes against him. And with a double eviction looming, the five-person Quack Pack had the potential to kick out Mike’s ally Frank…and, in the process, dominate the back half of the season. But could Boogie use his golden tongue to talk himself out of a corner? Could one of the floaters win HoH and change the course of the game? Well, the votes are in, and [SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER] at the start of the hour, Mike Boogie walked out the Big Brother door. As he was leaving, Ian mumbled an admission of guilt to Boogie — possibly the single worst move anyone has made this season, especially considering that it immediately put all of Dan, Britney, and Shane’s secretive moves this past week to waste.

Ian’s admission led also led Mike to tell Frank, “Ian is not to be trusted” — a warning which bore fruit almost immediately, when Ian was crowned HoH and nominated Frank (and Frank ally/couch-mance partner Smashley) for eviction. But surprise! Frank won the veto competition yet again, taking himself off the block. Ian tossed Joe up on the block. Joe gave one of the great speeches in Big Brother history — a speech which, notably, involved no words at all — but with a 5-1 vote, it’s a fair bet that people were already gunning for Smashley because of her alliance with the Boogie/Frank contingent.

We didn’t see who won the Head of Household…but we did see Frank, openly railing against the other houseguests after the final eviction. Hurt feelings all around, fellow viewers! Click here for my full recap, or start hurling your thoughts and feelings in the comment board.

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