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Rick Ross brings David Copperfield out on stage

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Rick Ross

You know that thing when rappers shout out the name of a seemingly completely unrelated public figure in the middle of a verse, making you ponder how it would be to walk in on Robin Williams lecturing Jay-Z  about seizing the day in an empty English classroom or eavesdrop on the Lil Wayne-Bill Gates phone call wherein they discuss the finer points of exceeding baller status?

The Meek Mill-assisted Rick Ross track “Black Magic,” one of several standouts on Maybach Music Group’s recent compilation effort Self Made Vol. 2, has a hook that rhymes: “Poof! There go the car/Poof! there go the crib/Poof! A hundred mil, David Copperfield/David Copperfield, David Copperfield.”

You know where this is headed.

Rick Ross was performing in Las Vegas last night, and revealed in the midst of his set that he had a special guest waiting in the wings: “This is a mother—-in’ icon.  In his field, he the greatest that ever did it.  So, I want you to drop the music at the same time.  Drop the music, let’s go.”

And then, this happened:

Is this the most ridiculous two-man pairing the Strip has ever seen? Have The Boss and The Magician always been boys?  Was that the biggest handshake fail ever (see 1:17)?  With Swizz Beatz and Tyga visibly losing it in the background at the obvious hilarity and absurdity of the situation (see :49)– and Copperfield nervously bobbing and forcing a smile as he clearly counts down the seconds in his head until this painfully awkward moment ends (see :23) — how in the world does Ricky Rozay get through this entire rendition with a straight face?

We may never know.  Nonetheless, Copperfield took to his Twitter afterwards to try and explain: “Working on my street cred. On stage last night with @TheRealSwizzz and @RickyRozay. Unreal. Poof!”

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