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Robert Pattinson sports open fly

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Robert Pattinson Fly
Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Robert Pattinson has been fairly tight-lipped about his relationship with Kristen Stewart throughout his Cosmopolis press tour — but this photo, taken at last night’s TimesTalk with RPattz and David Cronenberg, indicates that the Twilight star might be entering a new era of openness. The pic shows Pattinson at the event, sporting a backwards cap, a neutral expression — and a fly that’s unmistakably unzipped. That’s got to be an “OMG!” on the Blush-O-Meter. Let’s take a closer look:

This seems as appropriate a time as any to quote Wikipedia’s fascinating “Fly (clothing)” entry:

An open fly is a fly that has been left unzipped or unbuttoned, usually unintentionally. It is often considered humorous if a person is caught with his or her fly open.[citation needed]

Feel free to sub in this article for the absent citation.

Cosmopolis, a serious movie about important things, opens Friday.

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