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First trailer for Colin Farrell's stolen-dog crime saga 'Seven Psychopaths'

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All you need to know about the demented crime tale Seven Psychopaths can be found in the following exchange:

Sam Rockwell finds a snarling Tom Waits sitting on a wall and stroking a pet bunny outside his home. “Okay, you seem normal — come on in,” Rockwell says. “We gotta get this dog off the street because we kidnapped it from a maniac.”

Filmmaker Martin McDonagh’s twisted followup to 2008’s In Bruges finally has a trailer — and it’s nothing that would reassure any dog-lover.

Back in February, Entertainment Weekly gave you the First Look at this surreal stolen-dog saga, starring Colin Farrell as a screenwriter whose friend (Rockwell) makes a living stealing pets and returning them to their owners for the reward money. Christopher Walken co-stars as their accomplice, while Woody Harrelson plays the crime-lord who isn’t nearly as forgiving when his shih tzu goes missing.

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