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Who's ready for 'Trump,' the movie?

The business magnate is the star of a new, critical documentary ”You’ve Been Trumped”

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Donald Trump is hardly one of our more publicity-shy reality TV stars. But it’s tough to imagine him enjoying his lead role in the new British documentary You’ve Been Trumped, which details in highly critical terms the property developer’s attempt to build a golf and hotel complex in one of Scotland’s most beautiful areas. More bad news for the Donald? According to You’ve Been Trumped director Anthony Baxter, his doc may soon become a feature film. ”We’ve had inquiries from Hollywood about doing a narrative version of the film,” says Baxter, whose movie opened in New York on Aug. 3 and plays in Los Angeles starting Aug. 17. ”I can’t go into details, but there is definite interest there from writers through studios. I think everybody is concerned about the one percent, and Donald Trump is the ultimate one-percenter.” You’ve Been Trumped was very much a labor of love for Baxter, who refinanced his house to fund the project and was arrested by Scottish police while filming. When asked whom he would like to see play Trump in a feature version of his doc, the director names an actor who, like the tycoon, has a famous head of hair: ”Alec Baldwin.”