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See the Spice Girls rehearse for the 2012 Closing Ceremony

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Spice Girls

If you’re feeling sad and low — possibly because of that unfortunate Baby Beluga news — look no further than this photo, which should deliver a major pick-me-up. The upcoming Spice Girls reunion at Sunday’s Olympics Closing Ceremony is London’s worst-kept secret — but we’ve finally got irrefutable photographic proof that it’s actually happening. (Check out a higher res version here.) All together now: Zig-a-zig-ah!

Even though this is only a rehearsal, all the girls are firmly inhabiting their Spice-given personae. Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh, sports leather leggings, giant sunglasses, and a look of cool detachment. Baby (Emma Bunton) looks cute in a floral dress, though she thankfully didn’t accessorize the look with pigtails. (Kinda cute as a 20-something; less cute at 35.) Scary (Mel B.) rocks killer boots, which closer scrutiny reveals to be Louboutins. Sporty (Mel C.) stays comfy in a t-shirt, more casual leggings, and a pair of giant kicks. And Ginger (Geri Halliwell) is doing her own thing, matching ankle boots with some sort of smock-y top. There are no Union Jacks to speak of, but I’d bet my copy of Spice World that they’ll be out in full force come Sunday.

So, which songs will the ladies be dusting off for this weekend’s big show? Since “Wannabe” is their most iconic single, it’s all but guaranteed to be on the menu — and because the Ceremony is commemorating an ending, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear “Goodbye” or “Viva Forever” as well. The latter is also the title of an upcoming Spice-based jukebox musical.

But no matter what they sing or what they wear, I know my inner 10-year-old will be ecstatic to see the quintet in action again. Especially because I’ll no longer have to pretend I don’t like them in order to seem cool. (I gave up on trying to seem cool long ago.)

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