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'This is 40' trailer: Paul Rudd loves cupcakes, Leslie Mann wants Megan Fox's bazooms

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“This is not just their story,” says the tagline in the new trailer for This is 40, Judd Apatow’s slice-of-life comedy about Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s characters from Knocked Up. “This is everyone’s story.” Well, okay, granted, not everyone works in the music industry and lives in a fabulous Los Angeles home. And not everyone’s newly teenage daughter is culturally astute enough to call a gawky teenage boy “Tom Petty…in a negative way.”

But there is a charming familiarity to the trials and tribulations of these two people. I want to spend more time watching them adorably stumble through life whilst wolfing down Sprinkles cupcakes and/or coveting Megan Fox’s youthful bosom. Check out the trailer below, and decide if you feel the same way: 

Final observation: Between this trailer and the This is 40 teaser, it would appear we’re going to be seeing a great deal of Paul Rudd’s body.

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