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Bambi | FOREST LIFE Young Bambi and Flower growing up in the wild in Bambi
Walt Disney / Courtesy: Everett Collection

We gave it an A-

If you’ve got kids at home, or if you’ve just got a sweet tooth for pre-Pixar Disney animation, by all means check out the Blu-ray release of Bambi (1942, G, 1 hr., 10 mins.). Naturally, if you’re putting it before youngsters’ innocent eyes for the first time, you’ll want to stick close by in order to play grief counselor when Bambi’s mother ”meets” a hunter in the woods. Afterward, though, dig in to such Extras as a pair of touching deleted scenes, a long-lost soundtrack song (”Twitterpated”), and an engrossing behind-the-scenes peek at Uncle Walt’s control-freak story meetings. The only thing missing is Kleenex. A?