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Global hits you can watch at home

From an Israeli drama that inspired ”Homeland” to an over-the-top reality series in Great Britain, these hot international shows are now available for viewing online in the U.S. — no passport required.

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Prisoners of War
Available on Hulu (subtitled) Showtime’s Emmy-nominated drama Homeland won’t return until the fall, but fans can find some comfort during the hiatus by tuning in to its inspiration, Prisoners of War (a.k.a. Hatufim). Like its U.S. counterpart, the series packs plenty of cliff-hangers into the story of two soldiers who return home after 17 years in captivity.

Boys Over Flowers
(South Korea)
Available on Netflix (subtitled) Don’t be fooled by the cutesy title: This fish-out-of-water saga about a working-class girl in a love-hate relationship with a rich bad boy at her cliquey private school has all the catty elitism of Gossip Girl mixed with the heated back-and-forth banter of 10 Things I Hate About You.

Little Mosque
Available on Hulu If you’re still cringing from TLC’s ill-fated reality show All-American Muslim, then cleanse your viewing palate with this critically acclaimed scripted comedy (known in Canada as Little Mosque on the Prairie) about the kooky members of a fictional Islamic community in Saskatchewan.

The Only Way is Essex
Available on Hulu Think The Hills with more drama and a lot more nudity. This reality series about a group of eccentric, romantically entangled, night-life-loving twentysomethings from Essex, England, has been a go-to guilty pleasure for audiences across the pond for more than five seasons (season 6 kicks off this summer in the U.K.). Isn’t it time we joined in on the fun?