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Also Playing: July 27, 2012

Reviews of ”The Amazing Spider-Man,” ”Brave,” and other films still playing in theaters

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The Amazing Spider-Man
PG-13, 2 hrs., 18 mins.

Andrew Garfield, effortlessly winning, refreshes the old story of a boy bitten by a mutant spider in this frisky, sweet-natured, big-ticket reboot. A-Lisa Schwarzbaum

PG, 1 hr., 34 mins.

Pixar’s first heroine, a feisty Scottish princess, works out her relationship with Mama in a tale of rebellion with a soft center. BLisa Schwarzbaum

Magic Mike
R, 1 hr., 52 mins.

Steven Soderbergh’s supersharp, blithely fun drama about male strippers. As the title stud, who is living the dream (or so he thinks), Channing Tatum proves himself a movie star. A-Owen Gleiberman

The Queen of Versailles
PG, 1 hr., 40 mins.

In this succulently entertaining doc, David and Jackie Siegel are a billionaire couple out to build the largest home in America. They’re greedy, naive, audacious, and ridiculous. And they’re also us. AOwen Gleiberman

R, 1 hr., 46 mins.

Oliver Stone’s drug thriller is grandiose underworld pulp staged with screw-tightening skill. It’s like Miami Vice told from the point of view of the criminals. B+Owen Gleiberman

R, 1 hr., 46 mins.

A no-brainer, literally, from Seth MacFarlane. Here’s a proudly coarse idiot comedy about a man-boy (Mark Wahlberg, full of radiant wacko energy) and his horny, foulmouthed teddy bear. C+Lisa Schwarzbaum